What is TeachFX?

TeachFX is a teacher-led organization dedicated to promoting more meaningful and equitable dialogue in the classroom.

The TeachFX app provides teachers with instructional feedback privately and automatically, by visualizing which portions of class are teacher talk, student talk, group talk, and wait time. Teachers have used this feedback to work on their talk ratio, questioning technique, uptake, wait time, and more. On average, using the TeachFX app has led to an 88% increase in student participation.

TeachFX was created by Jamie Poskin, a former English and math teacher passionate about equity and student engagement.

How does it work?

Teachers simply use TeachFX on their phone or laptop to record a class, and our artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm tracks the teacher vs. student talk automatically, with no extra work from the teacher or an instructional coach. (When you create a TeachFX account, you give our algorithm a sample so it can “learn” your voice.) The idea is to give teachers a useful barometer of student engagement they can track every day!

Does it work on any device?

TeachFX works on any device with a microphone -- Apple or Android phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. You can download the TeachFX app on the Apple app storeGoogle Play store, or the web.

Why measure student and teacher talk? Is that backed by research?

Research shows that the more students talk in class, the more they learn…and the better they perform on standardized tests (Lotan, 2012; Holthuis, 2012; Michaels, 2008; Bianchini, 1997; Cohen, 1997; Leechor, 1989; Vygotsky, 1978).

Student engagement is one of the most powerful drivers of academic performance, and yet teachers, schools, and districts currently have no real evidence of how they’re doing. Are students participating at high rates in your classrooms? How do you know?

Over the last two years, schools and districts where teachers used TeachFX increased their student participation by an average 12.6 minutes per class. You can listen to a few excerpts from our interviews with teachers if you’re curious.
Overall, we truly believe TeachFX is the most effective way to improve outcomes for your students.

How much does it cost?

You can buy individual accounts on our pricing page, or contact us for a quote for your school or district.

I noticed that the transcription of my class got a bunch of words wrong. Can you fix that?

Transcription is not the focus of TeachFX. Our goal is to make getting feedback on your teaching quick and painless. We don’t want you spending loads of time reading through your class transcript; we want you using the graphic bars to gain quick insights from the visual patterns that emerge.

The transcript is there if you want to dive deeper into your class report, to help you find your place, or to search for key words. (You can use control+F or command+F to search.) It is not meant to be an exact record or script of your class.

Remember: If you really want to know exactly what was said, you can always play back the audio!

Who can see my TeachFX class reports?

Only you can see your TeachFX class reports.

We believe that teachers should be able to use TeachFX to improve their practice without fear of being judged or evaluated.

Because of that, your TeachFX data is completely private to you. Only you can listen back to your class and see your metrics. And you can delete a class at any time.

Will TeachFX be used to evaluate me?

TeachFX will never be used to evaluate a teacher. Remember: no one can see your class reports but you.

Using data to penalize teachers in evaluations or as a “gotcha” is completely antithetical to the mission of our company, which is to help teachers lead their own professional learning and develop a more self-reflective practice.

Wait, am I even allowed to record my class? Is that legal?

Yes! TeachFX is fully FERPA and COPPA compliant — the law protects teachers to make recordings of their classes for professional development purposes without requiring any permissions, and making class recordings is, as you probably have seen, a very common professional learning practice throughout K-12 education in the US. TeachFX data is stored on a secured, encrypted server where only the teacher has access. Recordings are owned solely by the teacher who chooses to record a class. You can read our full privacy policy here.

Do I need to ask permission from students?

While you are not required to ask permission from students, we certainly encourage you to tell them you’re using TeachFX! Dozens of teachers have told us about the positive impact on classroom culture this can have. Here’s an example of what you might say:

“Hey class, it’s really important to me that I’m hearing your voices in this classroom, that you are the ones doing most of the thinking and the talking, not me.

So today I’m going to start using this app that helps me make sure I don’t talk too much and that I leave room for your voices. Can I get a volunteer to help remind me to turn it on every day?”

I just looked at my class report…what now? Where can I get support to improve my teaching?

First off, you rock. Teachers with this kind of drive to improve their craft are exactly why we work so hard to make the TeachFX tool as awesome as possible for you.

For instructional support, take a look at our blog and our teacher’s lounge — there you can find lots of resources, like…

You can also book TeachFX to come to your school or district for an in-person workshop. Contact Jamie (jamie@teachfx.com) if you’re interested. We’d love to visit you!