We work with:

K-12 teachers, TAs, university professors

K-12 teachers, TAs, university professors


  • Get private, objective feedback on your teaching and personalized instructional tips.

  • Focus on what matters most in the classroom: getting students engaged and learning.

Instructional leaders, APs, TOSAs, mentor teachers

Instructional leaders, APs, TOSAs, mentor teachers


  • Experience more meaningful and effective coaching cycles with objective data that helps teachers feel less defensive.

  • Provide continuous support and feedback for teachers, even when you’re not in their classroom.

Superintendents, CAOs, directors of PD, principals

Superintendents, CAOs, directors of PD, principals


  • Improve student outcomes at low cost by offering effective, frequent, job-embedded professional learning.

  • Provide more feedback and coaching, more frequently, to more teachers.


a Fitbit for teachers that measures student engagement!

With TeachFX, teachers record classes and our technology measures the student engagement and discourse patterns in your classroom, and provides you with targeted pedagogical feedback on your teaching. The TeachFX app does all this automatically, very similar to what an instructional coach would do in an observation. We do this for three reasons:


STudent Voice

Students need to speak in order to learn. The research is unequivocal. Whether you’re working on questioning technique, wait time, or implementing a new curriculum or personalized learning platform, the result should be higher levels of student engagement, and we believe it’s essential to measure that.



Teachers currently talk 70-80% of class time rather than letting students lead their own learning. And this problem is most acute for special populations: classes with high-achieving students get more than double the amount of student talk time than a typical classroom with larger numbers of Title 1 students, SWDs, or ELs.


Feedback For Teachers

In order to improve, teachers need objective, high-quality feedback, and they need that feedback frequently. But it’s difficult for instructional leaders or coaches to visit every classroom every day. A tenured teacher using TeachFX gets more instructional feedback in one month than a typical US teacher receives in eight years.


Reflections on equity

Teacher Caleb Parnin from Township High School District 214 shares some powerful thoughts on how using TeachFX affected his practice.

Read more from Caleb and other teachers on the TeachFX blog.


Professional Learning with TeachFX

At TeachFX, we promote more meaningful and equitable classroom dialogue through professional learning that is data-driven, job-embedded, and teacher-led. Our workshops use the groundbreaking TeachFX tool to help schools increase student engagement.

The magic of our PD workshops comes from having every teacher in your building measuring their student participation using the TeachFX tool. In our sessions, we work with your staff on how to interpret and use their TeachFX data to improve their teaching and to facilitate better teacher collaborative teams and coaching relationships.

Boosting Student Engagement   •   Promoting Teacher Collaboration

Authentic Questioning   •   Understanding Wait Time   

Improving Classroom Management   •   Supporting SWDs

Encouraging Academic Discourse   •   Escaping I-R-E   •   Supporting ELLs

Lesson Design   •   Equity Centered Instruction   •   Supporting Title 1 Students

Our professional learning is led by David Brazer, a Stanford Professor of Education and former high school principal. Listen to a conversation with David about how he created our PD from his own experience using the TeachFX tool:

I’m more mindful of not being so teacher directed… I use the app to check in to see the days where I was successful or the days where I could tweak it more.
— Carmen Powell, 5th Grade Teacher
I was talking more than what probably would’ve been actually helpful… It’s made me more mindful of that because I have something giving me feedback.
— Stephen Kuehner, Spanish Teacher