a Fitbit for teachers that measures student engagement!

Research shows that the more students speak in class, the more they learn, and the better they perform on standardized tests. TeachFX has helped hundreds of schools increase their student engagement by visualizing for teachers what portions of class are teacher talk vs. student talk.

Simply use your phone or laptop to analyze your class, and the app’s artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm tracks your talk ratio automatically, with no extra work from you or an instructional coach. The idea is to give teachers a useful barometer of student engagement you can check every day!

Last year, 400+ schools used the TeachFX tool, and teachers increased their student participation by an average 12.6 minutes per class.

What Fitbit brought to exercise, we’re bringing to teachers.


Professional Learning with TeachFX

At TeachFX, we promote more meaningful and equitable classroom dialogue through professional learning that is data-driven, job-embedded, and teacher-led. Our workshops use the groundbreaking TeachFX tool to help schools increase student engagement.

The magic of our PD workshops comes from having every teacher in your building measuring their student participation using the TeachFX tool. In our sessions, we work with your staff on how to interpret and use their TeachFX data to improve their teaching and to facilitate better teacher collaborative teams and coaching relationships.

Boosting Student Engagement   •   Promoting Teacher Collaboration

Authentic Questioning   •   Understanding Wait Time   

Improving Classroom Management   •   Supporting SWDs

Encouraging Academic Discourse   •   Escaping I-R-E   •   Supporting ELLs

Lesson Design   •   Equity Centered Instruction   •   Supporting Title 1 Students

Our professional learning is led by David Brazer, a Stanford Professor of Education and former high school principal. Listen to a conversation with David about how he created our PD from his own experience using the TeachFX tool:

I’m more mindful of not being so teacher directed… I use the app to check in to see the days where I was successful or the days where I could tweak it more.
— Carmen Powell, 5th Grade Teacher
I was talking more than what probably would’ve been actually helpful… It’s made me more mindful of that because I have something giving me feedback.
— Stephen Kuehner, Spanish Teacher

Learn more about the benefits of TeachFX or read more testimonials in our 2017 efficacy pilot report.

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