Benefits of TeachFX

“You’re generating classic teacher supervision data we’ve been talking about for 40 years. And that’s pretty exciting.”

-Former Principal and Professor of Teaching at Stanford’s Graduate School of Education (Faculty Director of Leadership Degree Programs)

For teachers...

● Recognizes daily efforts to create regular feedback and a feeling of progress

● Provides a tangible reminder of yesterday’s results to prompt targeted strategies for today’s lessons

● Saves metrics and recordings for use in student meetings and parent-teacher conferences

● Makes you more aware of your strengths, blind spots, unconscious biases, and other aspects of your teaching practice

For principals...

● Reduces time and effort in teacher observations - no more manual tracking of who is speaking or time-keeping - allowing you to provide more substantive forms of feedback

● Provides objective data to make both you and your teachers feel more confident about possible action steps - instead of using a sample size of one class period to make a prognosis, you can look at comprehensive classroom dialog metrics for every class period over an entire week, month, year, etc.

● Can provide school-wide comparisons, allowing you to leverage effective teaching strategies for individuals students across classrooms

● Allows for teacher to practice continued self-evaluation beyond your classroom observation