8 reasons why *you* control your TeachFX data

TeachFX is first, last, and always a tool intended to help teachers. To fulfill that mission teachers need to trust that they have 100% control over what happens with their TeachFX class reports. This is why we are fanatical about protecting teacher’s data — because we want to put you in charge of your own professional growth. Here are eight reasons why:

1. Our goal is helping you engage in reflective practice

We believe teachers should be able to use TeachFX to improve their craft without fear of being judged or evaluated. That’s why your TeachFX data is completely private to you. Only you can listen back to your class and see your metrics. No spying, no “gotchas.” Just self reflection and growth.


2. We believe in formative assessment

Educators know how important formative assessments are for kids. But how often are teachers offered formative assessments in their professional learning? It’s pretty darn rare! If we really believe in the power of formative assessment, we should give teachers the opportunity to learn that way as well.

3. Recording a class takes courage

Do I really want to know that my students only talked for 2 minutes of class? Or that I talked 90% of the time? It takes some guts to “look in the mirror,” even when you know that only you can see the results. We want to make that courageous step feel as safe as possible.

4. It’s your data

You create a TeachFX class report through voluntary classroom recording, so it belongs to you. You own that data. Learn more about your rights in our FAQ.

5. You can celebrate your successes

Your classes are a portfolio of your professional work; you should be the one to create that portfolio, to savor those amazing moments of deeper learning, and to build off them as you think about future classes.

6. You can stop playing defense

When I use TeachFX to record my lessons, I know I personally am waaaaay less defensive about the results. If someone starts telling me all the things I did “wrong” in my lesson, I’m going to start defending myself, justifying why I did what I did and explaining why certain things may not have gone as planned. When I look at my TeachFX class reports, however, I don’t need to explain anything to anyone. And that frees me up to really think about things I could’ve done differently, or ideas I have to make my next next lesson even better.

7. Sharing is awesome…when you’re ready

We believe there is great value in sharing class reports with a coach or your teacher team. But only if and when you’re ready for it. And you should be the one deciding which classes you want peer feedback on.

8. It’s high time for a teacher-centered professional learning tool!

Teachers have had enough initiatives imposed upon them. TeachFX is all about putting teachers in the driver’s seat: you lead your own learning and development as a professional.

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