60% of the time, it works every time


Imagine you’re talking to your friend, who’s on a diet, and he says this:

I’m counting calories, but only on days I eat healthy.

Or maybe your friend who is a softball player tells you:

I only care about my batting average against right-handed pitchers. (I *stink* against lefties!)

Or how about your teacher friend who says this:

I only turn on TeachFX when I have lots of class discussion planned. Why turn it on when I’m doing a lecture, or when the kids are working on a writing exercise?

We hear this a lot from teachers, and I totally get it: every class is unique, and it’s always fun to see your metrics when you have an awesome lesson planned.

But! We really encourage teachers to get in the habit of recording class 3x/week no matter what you have planned — because that’s the best way to get a true sense of what your classroom feels like throughout the year from your *students’* perspective. (Plus, it’s just easier to record on a regular schedule than worrying about when to record and not record.) So, go for it! Set your schedule in the app and make TeachFXing your newest habit. 🙂

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