I just want you to know: I’m thankful for you.

During this week after Thanksgiving break, my feelings of gratitude linger on as I think about all the teachers around the country using TeachFX to get feedback on their practice, working hard to provide an exceptional learning experience to their students.

Every time one of you records a class with TeachFX, I get a little notification: “Jennifer Smith just recorded her class ‘Ravens C Block’ with TeachFX!” “Brian Johnson just recorded his class ‘Sophomore Geometry’ with TeachFX!”

Each time I see one of these, I feel a tremendous sense of gratitude. I’m grateful that you are taking the time to be intentional about engaging your students — these young people who are our future doctors and businesspeople and voters and mothers and fathers and leaders. It’s inspiring.

The work you’re doing isn’t easy. It’s challenging, for example, when students aren’t as engaged as we’d hope them to be for a particular class. The work is also critically important. Decades of research tells us about the necessity of speaking in the learning process. It’s also something we know intuitively as educators: simply telling the kids something is never enough. The students have to discover it for themselves. When you’re using TeachFX, you’re making learning your top priority. For that, I am grateful — and so are your students!

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