Carmen and Stephen

We were lucky to have hundreds of amazing teachers piloting the TeachFX app this past school year. I spoke with two of our most active TeachFXers about their experience using the app and collected a few short excerpts… Have a listen!


“I’m more mindful of not being so teacher directed… I use the app to check in to see the days where it was successful or the days where I could tweak it more.” >>

—Carmen Powell, 5th Grade Teacher, Menlo Park, CA


“I was talking more than what probably would’ve been actually helpful… It’s made me more mindful of that because I have something giving me feedback.” >>

—Stephen Kuehner, Spanish Teacher, Kansas City, MO

​Thanks, Carmen and Stephen, for showing us all how to build a self-reflective teaching practice! I know your students are thankful as well. 🙂

Happy teaching, and please do reach out to me at if you are interested in bringing TeachFX to your school.

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